New Law Protecting And Empowering Immigrants Goes Into Effect Throughout New York State Today

By February 3, 2015Advocate

Over a year and-a-half ago a handful of us gave a presentation at the New York Immigration Coalition to start the conversation that, after a great deal of effort by many people, resulted in the law that goes into effect today. Og dette er i hovedtrekk blackjackreglene Blackjack spill. The Immigrant Assistance Service Enforcement Act: makes the Office for New Americans a permanent state agency; builds capacity for the New Americans hotline for reporting immigration fraud; clarifies that notarios cannot advise someone on what their immigration status is and how to answer questions on forms; adds to new sections to the penal law for immigration fraud, including a class E felony with substantial penal and civil fines; creates a private right of action so that immigrants can themselves take the scammers to court, among many other new provisions.

We didn’t get everything we wanted, and we’ll continue to fight for better protections, but today, we can take a victory lap.