I am a full-time immigration practitioner, and I provide experienced advice in all immigration-related matters. Whatever your situation, we’ll go through all the available options to see what is most appropriate for your case: whether that is a green card based on family or employment sponsorship, a temporary visa, representation in immigration court, pursuing some other form of benefit, defense against removal (deportation), emergency planning, fixing a stuck case, or other general trouble shooting.

I take this seriously because I know what is at stake
In immigration law, both the consequences and level of complexity are very high. It is important that you understand your particular situation and feel confident about the decisions that you make. This is why I take the time to map out all of your options with all the information that you need to develop a plan that will fit your goals—whether you are looking to work, study, invest, conduct business, live here permanently, or defend yourself against deportation proceedings.

Applying my expertise to give you personalized advice
We can get started by scheduling an initial meeting where we’ll go over all of your questions and concerns until we’ve developed a plan for your case that fits your needs. At the conclusion of the meeting, I can provide you with a written summary of anything you’d like to memorialize, including all of the information above. I do charge a set “consultation fee” for this service, which also includes any additional conversations both before and after our meeting, until we’ve settled on a plan that you understand and feel confident about pursuing.