Emergency Planning

At the present time, enforcement of the immigration laws is being applied far less selectively and far more aggressively than in the recent past. Those who were not a previously a priority for enforcement may be subject to detention or being referred to the immigration court. These processes may occur very fast, often before the subject has an opportunity to speak to an attorney in time to effectively respond.

However, there may be a substantial amount of work that we can accomplish before enforcement action is taken As describe elsewhere, I am able to provide a thorough and ongoing consultation that outlines the specific risks that you may face, in addition to strategies that include both defenses against enforcement (including the preparation of an “emergency package” in the event of detention, as well as the preparation of related motions or applications) and possible routes to obtaining and/or maintaining immigration status. We will prepare a comprehensive strategy that will help you to avoid and/or respond enforcement, as well as to develop a plan to help you get to where you want to go.