Empower, not Exploit

Sometimes, immigration cases can be very simple. However, American immigration laws are very complicated. There are many government agencies involved, many different forms for many different types of cases, many different policies and regulations involved, very complicated legal concepts, and many different ways that a case can go badly. I understand that this process can be stressful, that you invest a lot of your time in a case, and that you must give the government a lot of your money.

When you consult an immigration attorney, you are not just deciding how to use your time and money; the decisions you make can affect your ability to stay with and provide for your family, to pursue your life’s ambition, or to simply protect yourself from harm in this or another country. The wrong advice can have very serious consequences, including missing out on potential benefits, being placed into deportation proceedings, or even being permanently banned from the United States.

This is not just a business to me, and I don’t see you as just a ‘customer’. I am passionate about the quality of immigration services, and I have chaired and served on a number of committees related to ethics, consumer advocacy, and immigration fraud. I have provided testimony to several cities considering legislation to protect immigrant consumers, and I regularly provide trainings and lectures on these and other topics.

I don’t just see you as a paying customer, and I won’t sell you on a strategy that might not be in your best interest. I do this work because I appreciate what you are going through, and it is important to me that you are treated with respect. I’m passionate about protecting my clients and about doing my job well, and I do that by focusing on giving you good advice rather than pushing you into case that might not fit what you need.