Good Counsel

The mission of my practice is to provide good counsel and to empower, and not exploit, the community that I serve. This means listening, explaining, and helping you to develop a plan that will fit your needs and goals in the U.S., whether you are seeking a green card, citizenship, a temporary visa, keeping what you have, or just trying to go from nothing to something.

I will provide a highly individualized, creative approach to help you get to where you want to go. I set honest and realistic expectations, and provide a highly-detailed map of your options that includes the time, money, risks, benefits, and strength of each option. If you decide to retain me to represent you in your immigration immigrant matters, I will provide regular updates and reminders to make sure that you understand how your case is progressing, and I will help you stay on course so that things move as quickly and efficiently as possible. My model is focused on doing my best to keep you within your anticipated budget and timeframes and to keep you as informed as possible of all the developments in your case.

I am able to do this because my practice is not focused on filing as many cases as possible and treating them all the same. Instead, I focus on helping you to understand everything that you need to know in order to confidently decide on a strategy. From there, I’ll be constantly tracking the progress of your case, taking additional action where necessary, and keeping your informed throughout the process—without charging you by the hour, per phone, call or per email.

My reputation is very important to me. I define success simply by the quality of services that I provide, and every decision I make is carefully tailored to your best interests. You are the boss; my job is to do my best to protect your interests and to get you to where you want to go.