In the news

Al Jazeera America
New York cracks down on businesses that defraud immigrants
September 17, 2014.

New York Law Journal
Officials on Lookout for Exploitation of Immigrants’ Deportation Fears,
November 25, 2016.

Immigration Lawyers Call for More Oversight of U.S. Representation Program,
May 12, 2017.

Tampa Bay Times
Local attorneys say more immigrants seeking legal status are failing pretty to shady consultants
May 13, 2017.


Protecting Immigrant New Yorkers Task Force,
Collaborating to Protect New Yorkers from Immigration Fraud,
2016.   link

“Ethical Considerations Related to Affirmatively Filing an Application for Asylum for the Purpose of Applying for Cancellation of Removal and Adjustment of Status for a Nonpermanent Resident,” Bender’s Immigration Bulletin,
July 1, 2017. (Also available here, via publication by the American Immigration Lawyers Association)

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