USCIS provides access to all the forms for benefits online, for free, at, in addition to information about the benefits for which you may be eligible. However, you may wish to have someone help you navigate this process and help you to develop the strategy that will optimize your ability to achieve your goals in the U.S. As you lawyer, I will also provide a form of ‘insurance’ against the delays, errors, requests for additional information and documentation, and other obstacles that may prevent you from obtaining the desired result in a timely manner and that are occurring with increasing frequency. Furthermore, if you are facing an enforcement action from U.S. ICE, it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to navigate this process without highly competent and responsive counsel.

My office handles nearly every type of immigration case. A sample of my services includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Certain employment-based and/or ‘temporary’ visas
  • Marriage-based cases
  • Applications and petitions for other family members
  • Waivers (‘perdon’) for immigration offenses
  • Representation in removal/deportation proceedings
  • ‘Reopening’ old removal/deportation orders
  • Applications for asylum and protection under the Convention Against Torture
  • Citizenship
  • Deferred Action
  • Cases involving victims of trafficking or crimes, including domestic violence
  • Cases for juveniles who cannot be reunited with both parents
  • Other forms of humanitarian relief
  • ‘Trouble-shooting’ for immigration-related complications (getting stuck cases moving again, explaining the problems and risks involved with traveling, issues with ICE, USCIS, or CBP, problems with former lawyers, advising criminal defense attorneys, etc.)

If you retain my services, I will be the lawyer on your case. While I may at times rely on the assistance of others to facilitate effective communication and procedures, I will provide the consulting, I will respond to your communications, and I will make each decision affecting your case in accordance with the strategies that we have developed together.